Exterior Home Appeal
Exterior Home Appeal – Make a Great First Impression

As a Home Seller you must take into consideration first impression. The first thing a prospective home buyer will see is your driveway, the front of your home and your front yard! Below are a few tips to help you make a great first impression!

Clean Up.
Remove any trash, loose leaves, trash cans, etc. away from the front of the house. Store unneeded things in an undisclosed place. Straightening up will give your front yard an automatic face lift.

Trim and Cut.
Make sure to mow the lawn, and trim plants and flowers in a nice neat fashion. If you have empty soil, spend a couple of dollars and place a potted plant in the needed area.

Sweep and Water.
Nothing gives a your front yard a face lift like a good old fashioned broom and a garden hose! Spray your driveway or walkway down. Find a rake, and broom and groom your lawn and driveway. Make sure your cement areas are spick and span.

Get off the fence!
If you have soil areas that lie flush with the cement, try an inexpensive wire fence. This will appear neat and tidy, and allow the prospective home buyer to imagine the garden they can grow.

Front Porch Fabulous.
Dress up your front porch : invest in a brand new welcome mat, by some small plants or flowers that line the walkway to your door.

Front Door Fabulous.
Make sure you clean and scrub your front door, and surrounding areas. Using soap and water, make sure there are no cobwebs, dirt or grime in corners.

Sparkling Windows.
Start with soap and water, and finish off any front windows with glass cleaner. You want your front windows sparkling!

Handle It.
Out with the shabby, in with your home being sold! Don't be afraid to invest a couple extra bucks in a new door handle or door knocker.

Flag It.
Many home stores inexpensively sell seasonal flags, that add an extra touch to a front yard. Entice your prospective home buyer with imagination.

Accentuate your Selling Points.
Every home may have a different characteristic that makes it home beautiful. A great window, an attractive lawn, etc. Whatever you special characteristic is, make sure to show it off to your prospective home buyers!

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